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Unlocking Letters and Sounds

A DfE validated phonics programme.

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Your key to teaching every child to be a fluent and confident reader. 

ULS will support your pupils to read, spell and write fluently and quickly. The programme has been created by practising teachers who teach phonics every day. We understand the challenges that many teachers face and are passionate in wanting to support other schools to enable every child to read. As a group of schools, we have used the 2007 Letters and Sounds framework with huge success for over a decade and we understand its strengths. Having worked with many schools and teachers, we also understand the resources and guidance that is missing from the 2007 framework, and the challenges and workload that this creates. We have therefore developed Unlocking Letters and Sounds to provide all the resources and guidance to allow other schools to implement it successfully in their classrooms. This will ensure that school leaders can ensure fidelity to the programme across their schools and ensure that their staff have the training, resources and guidance that they need.

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Unlocking Letters and Sounds

A fully resourced and DfE validated SSP

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Online Platform

Containing access to all the resources you need to deliver expert phonics lesson, assessments and interventions.

Full CPD Programme

Full training for all staff including free Phonics Leaders Networks.

Books and Resources

We have partnered with Ransom publishing to provide precisely matched phonics books, sounds mats, friezes and flashcards.

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The excellent Unlocking Letters and Sounds resources for the planning, teaching and assessment of phonics have ensured consistency across our classes and we have seen rapid progress in our pupils.  

In particular, the intervention plans have had a positive impact as evidenced in our recent Y2 screening results.

Stoke Park Primary, Bristol

Our children love phonic lessons. They love the consistency and the structure of the lessons knowing what comes next. Our children (with a high PP) thrive on routine and consistency and this SSP provides both. 

Even those children who have had gaps have had them filled quickly and have made good progress.

Woolavington Primary, 

Leaders have implemented a very effective phonics programme. Children in early years and pupils in key stage 1 learn to read well. They are able to make strong links between sounds and the letters they represent. Pupils are eager to read. Staff and leaders have planned many challenging activities to enable pupils to practise their reading.

OFSTED HMI report, Woolavington Primary

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